Somatically stimulating.
Psychologically sophisticated.
Versed in the art of building suspense.


The first time I made a man cry inside of a dungeon was an ineffable experience. I could not internally rationalize the sense of euphoria and immense satisfaction after I coaxed the sights and sounds of tears. The realization came later – this gift, in the form of tears, is the ultimate expression of vulnerability, release and healing.


Though I am a lifestyle female supremacist, I am also a life-long natural empath who approaches dominance and sadism with warmth and compassion. I yearn to nourish those around me, thus I welcome those who are seeking BDSM as a median in their journey of self-understanding, for there are few things as fulfilling as witnessing that understanding being greeted with acceptance and love.


Forming connections with play partners is equally as fulfilling for me as it is important. More important than the activities is the chemistry, intimacy and mutual gratification that transpires within the four walls which incase us.



“I hope you know how special you are to me and how much I value our time together. I wake up every day now with this amazing sense of thankfulness, of belonging, of strength, of calm, of joy. I feel surrounded by positivity and I know it is because of you, because of your strength and your huge heart. Because you render me powerless and vulnerable, and just then you protect me and nurture me. I never imagined that the greatest gift I could get from submission was gratitude because someone cares or me. It sounds dumb to say, but the effect on me has been profound. Life changing.


I can’t describe what your attention does to me. It elevates and lifts me. Because of you I finally understand what it means to worship. I look to you and your leadership for strength and inspiration daily. You have taught me more about myself and my path to happiness than anyone else in my life constantly disarm me with your wisdom, and I am so proud to lay at your feet in a messy puddle of my own emotions over and over again.” By L.